Conkrete Stylez

  B-boy StuntZ 


StuntZ was born on December 10th in Montreal, Quebec.  As a physically active child and teenager he has won gold medals in gymnastics, track and field as well as trophies in sports such as baseball and soccer.  He was very active in martial arts well.  Breaking was something he got serious with in high school when he saw a b-boy crew practicing in the cafeteria. 

With years of daily practice and research he quit his restaurant job and decided to dance for a living.  Starting off as a dancer for the Toronto Blue Jays, and a busker with his crew Conkrete Stylez, established in 2005.  In that same year, he also negotiated a deal with Nike and managed to get his crew sponsored with free clothes and shoes!  

Television appearances: Breakfast television, Canadian Urban Music Awards, Electric Circus, Finalist on So You Think You Can Dance Canada Season 2 and 3, Much Music (Much Breaks), a featured on going year long headspin clip during City TV Cable Pulse introduction, and an appearance on Discovery Channel.  

Commercial appearances: Walmart, Ital Pasta, Ford Fiesta, Shoe Carnival, and Coca Cola.  

He has also been in the movie,  Save the Last Dance 2.   

With all of connections StuntZ has, he can be considered the backbone of Conkrete Stylez Crew.  

B-boy Tracer 1


Tracer 1 was born on December 16th in the Philippines.  He was very active in sports like basketball and hockey.  Hockey being his stronger sport in which he excelled, he ended up winning 1st place in a street hockey tournament.   Around this time he was doing shows at different Filipino heritage events in Canada.  Some of the Toronto locations were Earl Bales Park, Nathan Philips Square, and Sky Dome / Rogers Center. As a choreographer he used to choreograph routines at different schools for talent shows. He is also a very talented cook.   

Tracer 1 started Conkrete Stylez Crew in 2005 with crew members StuntZ and Tricky Troublez.  In the same year he also helped get the crew sponsored with Nike clothing and shoes.  

TV appearances:  Much Music Much Breaks, Electric Circus, TLN (Tele Latino Network), Philippine Sundae,

Stage shows/Big Events:  Toronto Buskerfest, back up dancing for Emjay, Rockelle

Goals:  Travel, do big shows, meet new people

Hobbies: Collecting figurines, blue rays and games             

 B-boy Rulentlez

Michael Bishun, was born on September 29th 1986 in Toronto, Ontario. his backround is Jamaican, Nepalese and Indian. He started breaking when he was 14, since then he has persued his passion for bboying which kept him out of trouble. Among his other accomplishments and his beliefs, he has strived to improve everyday in all aspects of his life. He has successfully been in music videos for artists like G-wonder, Timy tats, and Ill Scarlette. He has performed across across Ontario, and He teaches workshops for all ages on Bboying and Hip Hop. he also has taught dance class for youth and teens and has aspired to share his passion of dance, grow and inspire others through movement and music.

A graduate of the Early Childhood Education course at George Brown College, Mike has pursued his career. Mike is still training hard and to one day reach the international stage.

 B-boy Tricky Troublez

"Mike Smith aka Tricky Troublez is a well known b-boy across Canada. Born in Montreal and raised in Toronto he has become known best for his trade mark move the Head Spin! In his 13 years of dance experience he has been successfuld both trough the commercial and underground scene. From movies such as Save the Last Dance 2, to TV spots and music videos such as Breakfast Television, Much Vibe, Family, Adidas and TicTac. He also has performed for many music artists such as KRS ONE, Jin, Maestro Fresh Wes, and Black Thought from The Roots just to name a few. His main focus is to travel and compete against the worlds best on an international level to help increase his knowledge and experience for the dance.

B-boy Superman


James Lee Murphy was born on may 15th 1987 in Toronto, Ontario. His nationality is Chinese, Vietnamese Scottish and Irish and has been dancing for about 6 years, He started dancing because he saw a friend at a school dance doing breakdancing moves and fell in love with it from there. He is still currently the best Powermover in Canada and came 5th place with his team in a world championship battle called " Bboy Unit world championships" in Seoul, Korea. James, on top of his other accomplishments such as doing music videos with Nelly Furtado and doing shows with people such as Yuri tag and Taeko from America's Best Dance crew attends school at Newham Seneca college for opticianry in his first year. James still trains hard and competes in hopes to go international once more.Click to add text, images, and other content