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Welcome to the Conkrete Stylez Crew official Website  (Toronto, Ontario, Canada's, PROFESSIONAL b-boy crew)                                                                                                                          ***Established in 2005***


     ***Conkrete Stylez Crew 2017.  Over 11 years strong!***


****Please read all the "WHY HIRE US?" and "PERFORMANCE / HIGHLIGHTS" sections FIRST.  Under that are important questions you need to answer before asking how much we charge for shows.  VIDEOS section above for your viewing pleasure along with other sections for you to check out.  Enjoy!****

Conkrete Stylez Crew Info



Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.



Conkrete Stylez is a very diverse crew skilled in all elements of b-boying and breakdance.  Toprock, footwork, freezes and powermoves.  While other crews may only be strong in some of the elements, we are strong in all and then some.  Very athletic crew with over 9 years of experience from each member. Backrounds in gymnastics, acrobatics, free running, and martial arts. Think you only see these types of moves on TV shows like ABDC OR SYTYCD?  Think again!  You'll get to experience it LIVE at your party or event!  We have prepared shows ready for you to choose from, that will work with YOUR budget.  You decide how many members you want, how long the show is, and whether or not you would like some crowd interaction.  See below for:  PERFORMANCE/ HIGHLIGHTS.    



- Save the Last Dance 2 *first club scene*   (2005)

- COBU 3D (2011)



- Coca Cola "What can your Coca Cola become?"    (2012)

- Ford Fiesta    (2010)

- Ital Pasta    (2006)

- Much Music Much Vibe Cover (2006)

- Walmart back to school   (2006)

- Shoe Carnival Store *for Adidas and K-Swiss shoes*    (2007)

- Euphoria smoothie (2007)

- So You Think You Can Dance Canada  (2008)



- Canada's Got Talent  *FINALIST*   (2011)

 - So You think You Can Dance Canada *FINALST*   (2009)

- CityTv Breakfast Television show Blue Jays Dance Team J-Force (2006)

- Candian Urban Music Awards *CUMA* opening show    (2005)

- Zoink'd on YTV   (2012)

- Electric Circus    (2002)

- CBC NEWS, CITY TV NEWS, CTV NEWS,  (2005 - 2008)

- Philipine Sundae CTV (1999) 






- TORONTO LIVE GREEN   (2009 - 2012)







- Nike Run Club Events (3 paid shows plus free Nike clothes and shoes) 2016

- Bell Canada, Bell Media Event at Andrew Richard Design (2014)

- Bell Canada Sound Academy Event  (2014)

- 25th Anniversary of Dell computers show @ Steam Whistle Brewing (2013)

- Rogers video phone show introduction   (2006)

- Toronto Blue Jays J-Force Fan activation and dance team   (2005 - 2009)

- Western Union "YES" Campaign  (2009)

- Colgate Max Fresh Canada Freshest Dancer Competition  (2009)

- Toronto Maple Leafs show at Air Canada Center  (2008)

- Toronto Raptors show at Air Canada Center    (2008)

- TD Waterhouse Boat Cruise Corporate Event    (2011)

Axe Circus of Awesome Double Pits to Chesty Contest and show  (2009)

Procter and Gamble (2008)

- Red Ken and Maybelline fashion show  (2008)

- Unforgivable Cologne and perfume show  (2007)

- Metro Newspaper promotion  (2010)

- Cheetah energy drink promotion (2009) 

- Peterborough Imagine Dance studio workshop (2013)

- Cobourg Premiere Dance Studio workshop (2013)





Maestro ft. Kardinal Offishal - Dearly Departed (2013)

- Nelly Furtado - Night is Young   (2011)

- Classified f. Maestro - Hard to be Hip hop  (2007)

- Team Ryouko - Weapon of Choice   (2006)

- Gee Wunder Gather Round   (2006)

- Canadian Idol music video  (2006)

- Shazelle - I need love   (2009)

- Chillaz - How we do   (2011)

- Chivo - Shake Your A**   (2011)




Black Tie Event, Royal York Hotel, Toronto, Ontario (2016)

Sheraton Hotel Christmas Party show Vaughn, Ontario (2015)

-  Brott Music Festival, Mohawk College Theater show, Hamilton, Ontario (2014)

- Bradford Carrot Festival stage show (2013)

Brott Music Festival, Mohawk College Theater show, Hamilton, Ontario (2013)

Back up dancing for Rockelle Show Republik night club "In My Dream" (2006)

Emjay Show Club 108 And Lot332 "Flying To The Moon" And "In Your Arms"        (2005, 2008)

- Toronto International Center Christmas show   (2011)

- Toronto Western Harbour Castle Hotel  International Association of Language      Centers *IALC* show    (2012)

- Vegan Meal Time Show at Dundas Square  (2011)

- Toronto Pride Parade  (2009 - 2012)

- Toronto Motion Ball show at Capitol Theater  (2009)

- Winnipeg Bar Mitzvah  (2008)

- Edmonton Bar Mitzvah (2015)





Just group of friends that loved to hang out with eachother at b-boy practices, dance at clubs, and any other place they could throw down.  Taste of the Danforth, an annual Greek street event is basically what started it all.  During this festival, the same group of friends showed up and started dancing in the street for fun.  Within seconds a big crowd gathered around to watch.  This motivated them to put out a hat and collect money from the audience as they enjoyed every moment of this random street performance.

10 minutes later the show was stopped by the police.  The crowd didn't like that at all, so they started to boo and really show their disappointment in the interrupted performance. The officer explained that in order to do shows like this, each person must obtain a permit.  

After that, Co-founding member StuntZ was so motivated by this that he researched ways on how to do a proper street show.   It was in 2005 when things really started to pick up.  Co-founding member Tracer 1 brought his boombox, joined StuntZ and together they got permits to perform their first show on concrete beside the Eatons Center.  Still not fully certain on how to do shows they researched some more.   During this time co-founding member Troublez was already doing some shows with another crew and as a result he had a more solid idea on how to street perform.  Troublez also managed to get a free piece of linoleum and as a result all 3 co-founding members joined forces to create the new crew, Conkrete Stylez! 

As time went along many dancers saw Conkrete Stylez perform their show and wanted to join the crew.   They have had members come and go as a result of other commitments but every year, Conkrete Stylez still manages to improve and impress their audiences till this day. 




***Please, answer these questions below in yellow before asking how much we charge: ***


1. How many dancers do you want at your event? 

 2. Where is your party / event located?

 3. How long would you like the show or shows to be? (we do 5 - 15 minutes on average, but we can do more or less time than that as well)  

 4.  Would you like to see our show packages? If so, please still answer atleast question 2.